Street Style Photography

For my Styling and Photography project I have a theme of 'tribes' which to me sounds fairly vague and dull, but I have learnt through my research that its what you make of it that counts. I have done some street style photography as research for my final shoot in London.
I hate the generic style of the usual street style photography, which has seemingly become more popular over the past few years, and everyone seems to do it in the same way. I wanted to change this, and make the photos my own. I decided to choose people that were in my own eyes stylish, as opposed to whats 'meant' to be fashionable so to speak. I love dark colours, but in a non gothic way, I love smart, powerful business women and mens style - they have money and taste. So I thought what better place than to venture around Covent Garden in the day and then along to St Pauls in the evening. I didn't find many interesting business men or women who looked approachable, but found some people dressed with effort around. The first woman agreed to me taking her photo, but asked for her face to not be in the photo. Here are a few photos from the day:

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