Photography & Styling project for University

For my Photography and Styling module for my degree I had to choose a magazine to do a fashion story in the style of, I chose Harpers Bazaar. This was obviously a challenge, because it's a very high end fashion magazine with professional photographers, stylists, make-up artists and editors etc to do the job! I had to get the inspiration from some of my street style photography, and from a photo I got inspired to go with the nineties look, which I thought was quite suitable for Harpers Bazaar also. I was lucky enough to be lent two dresses from someone, who found them in their Mums wardrobe! They were actually dresses from the 1980's, but had a much more 90's vibe to them in my eyes. I then got used a beautiful teal dress and a lovely patterned silky dress additionally. 

I started off using a studio with a grey backdrop, and managed to get some photos which I was happy with, but then realised that the photos needed to have some more personality to them, and the studio could only produce so much of that. I decided to drive down to Dover seafront, and had a go shooting on the jetty out into the sea, but it was the day that had high winds, and I knew I could only get so many before my model froze to death! I then proceeded down towards the old hoverport, and went where the yachts normally are, but they are currently not allowed to be in there, so it was an empty more interesting architectural background, which I enjoyed! 

Here are some of my photos! I am now going to make the fashion story in InDesign, and will blog when done! :)

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