Marketing project.

In our first year we do a module on all the different areas we can specialise in next year, along with a general promotion project and contextual studies. I am hoping to specialise in PR & marketing, and at the moment we are currently doing a live group marketing project (deadline next Monday!) We had to choose  two out of the following four brands/designers etc to come up with a concept for each of the briefs they had set us; Selfridges, Volt magazine, Lipcote and Larissa Hadjio. It being a live project means that we actually present it to the people of each company, and anything they like could end up actually being used for them. We chose Volt magazine and Selfridges, and after much research and our presentation, we specialised in Volt magazine for their 5 year anniversary as that was our strongest concept. I thought I would post some of the mood boards etc which we have been producing!

We have come up with an idea for an event at The Doodle bar, as blogged about before, and a website take over prior to the event. Below is a mock up of the website count down timer...

Here are some of the original designs for the invitation, which are now going to be illustrations instead;

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