I've been practising my nail decorating skills a lot this week; I think it was the nice weather or something which made me suddenly want bright or pastel nails! 

This one here which I currently have on my nails at the moment (It's tidier now though!) was a little fiddly to do but got easier as I went on. I painted my nails with two to three coats of yellow first, depending on how the colour looked on each nail, and then got my baby pink nail varnish and painted a strip across the top, and then very carefully painted on blobs to created a drippy effect. Then I painted a top coat over to make them glossy and tidier.

Before that I had a play around with rhinestones. I painted my nails with my pastel baby pink, and then got red rhinestones and carefully placed them into the thick nail varnish, using the varnish itself as the glue, so no nail glue was necessary. Then painted a thick topcoat over the top to secure it.

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