Golden Globes

I wasn't lucky enough to watch the Golden Globes (being a poor student without a tv licence n all...) but had a check out at some outfits worn on the night, and it was definitely a good year for fashion at the event! My definite favourite outfit has to be Emma Stone in Lanvin, as the colour is beautiful and compliments her hair colour, and the dress itself is the most gorgeous design. 
Another favourite was Dianna Agron in Giles! It's so classy but has so much going on at the same time, and has a really innocent look to it. She has paired in with minimal make-up and a simple up-do, and it works so well.
 Another Glee cast caught my eye, and that was Lea Michele in Marchesa. At first I thought negatively of it, but then realised that she was pulling it off so well, and its actually a beautiful garment, looking rather mermaid-esqe.  Some people have been saying that it is 'too tarty' but I beg to differ!

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