Forgive me for this being so ridiculously delayed but my life has been completely manic the past few weeks since getting back, no exaggeration! I went to Berlin at the beginning of the month with my university, flew out for 3 nights, and it was such a beautiful city that I completely fell in love with. I definitely want to go back as soon as I can, and luckily flights there are dirt cheap!

We stayed in a hotel next to the central station, and the roof terrace (bar in Summer) had some amazing views of the city; here are some pictures that I took. They aren't the neatest long exposures as I had no tripod, but it's the best I could do!

It was ridiculously freezing whilst we were over there; some days as low as -13, and as seen in the image below, the rivers were covered in ice from the temperature!

It was really interesting to visit the Reichtag, especially as in galleries there I had seen videos of the building with the events there from the past...

Germans are lovely people, and on one occasion a bus driver delayed his journey to get out his map and help us find where we were going! That wouldn't happen over here! I would totally recommend if you ever have a chance to go, go, it's so historical and also really quite sad as it's still in the process of being re built from the war; and also has amazing shopping - kilo vintage stores! 14.99 euros per kilo!

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