Charity shopping

Growing up my Mum would always take my into charity shops, not because we were poor, but because she could always find a bargain, usually things you might not find in shops, or something better made for the same price as a cheap or mid range product in shops. I used to feel embarrassed going in the shops, looking back now I feel embarrassed that I felt that way! A few years ago I started charity shopping, I don't know what made me, but I did and ever since I'm hooked! The past year has been incredibly successful for me and them; annoyingly now that I want to write this blog post I have absolutely no idea where my bags are; so I've found some images online, then when I find them I may update this post! I found a Coach satchel seen below last Summer in a Canterbury charity shop, it's well made and ideal for university days and the of all... for £5! 

But my favourite buy I have ever found in one, and probably ever will is my Miu Miu bag, I got it whilst it was still in season, and even saw Khloe Kardashian wearing it a few weeks later! I love it, the stitching is wonderful, and it's made so strong... I got it for £4...then when I found it on the website it was selling at almost £1,300! 

I have taken a picture of a few of my other buys, these aren't even half of them, the post would hog my entire blog if I was to post them all!

Next 1990's dress - £2 - Harrow.

1990's sparkly top - £1.50 - Dover.

Topman blazer - £2 - Harrow.

Ronit Zilkha cardigan - £1 - Epsom. 

Vintage Marks & spencers silk shirt - £2 - Epsom.

H&M blazer - £3 - Folkestone.

Reiss denim high waisted shorts - £3.50 - Canterbury.

Burberry shirt - £7 - Canterbury. (Excuse the creases!)

Helmut Lang jumper dress - £2 - Harrow.

As much as I hate Primark I loved the River Island look bags they had out last season, but hated the thought of even spending £10 on something that might not last five minutes. But found it, whilst popular in store for £2 in Canterbury Oxfam, presumably an unwanted Christmas gift! That I could justify...

I thought I would write this post to show people that snob at charity shops, that they're actually a great place to find designer buys and some really nice clothing and accessories. Not only that, but what you spend goes to a good cause, the amount you spend over time could really make a change to someones life, the most you're doing when you buy something on the high street is keeping a business running. 

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