Pastel love

I've got so into this pastel look lately. At first I wasn't sure, but since all the shops have started getting the look in I've suddenly grown this strong love for it, and everything I see that's pastel; I want! I had a lucky moment the other day where I found 40 in my bag left over from Berlin; and thought it was a sign to treat myself. I had fallen in love with someones jacket I saw a few weeks back which was a coral shade, and then got told about how you can also get it in mint green! So when I found this beauty in the Epsom New Look I knew I had to get it! 

After Easter break having been spent back home in Kent, where quite frankly nothing ever really happens apart from rain and fog; I couldn't wait to get back into London and have a day out exploring again! Camden always has and probably always will be my favourite place to go in London; so it was my first stop on my first day out there since. I have loved the 'Jesus' bracelets for ages now, and when I first discovered them they were rare, and I got my first brown one at a market in Amsterdam. I sadly lost it, and then they had come over here, but quite often at an expensive price! I came across a box full of all different coloured ones yesterday in Camden for 69p! So I got a pastel (of course) pink one! 

I also had a go with fake nails the other day, but never again! After getting fed up of them after about two days I took them off, and three nails have had actual nail be ripped off! But I did love the look whilst I had them, and painted them these gorgeous new Collection 2000 pastel colours which I purchased the other day from Boots.

Pastel sunnies! 

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