Having a play around with bleach on denim!

I have been seeing a lot of bleached denim jackets around lately and I adore the look of them, but being a student I can't really just go and justify buying one... So I thought why not try and make one myself! It hasn't gone to plan, but I thought I would post what I have had happen anyway!
I managed to pick up this dark denim jacket from a charity shop in Dover for a cheap price of £1.99! I had been raiding the Folkestone ones in hope of a nice find, as generally speaking although they are more expensive, Folkestone charity shops are far nicer and always more successful! Whilst I was in the area visiting friends I had a little time to kill before meeting them so killed that time raiding the charity shops; and I'm glad I did as it's how I found my jacket! It's not a pleasant shade of denim, it's rather dated, which made me even more excited to start the bleaching process!

You cannot see the overall look in this image here as it's a phone picture (being my blonde self I left my SLR & point and shoot in Epsom over easter...)! 

I read online that you have to soak the object in warm water with a cup of bleach for five minutes, so I did this, but it did absolutely nothing! I wondered if it was because my Mums bleach was 'citrus bleach with limescale remover', so I headed down to Sainsburys to pick up some usual bleach to try it out!
I left it to soak for an hour, and then washed and rinsed it a total of five times in the washing machine afterwards (not by choice, just because the bleach kept causing a dangerous amount of bubbles in the machine)! Still not much has happened to the jacket, but it has made a really cool blotchy effect, and in some areas, especially the sleeve as seen below, it has actually somewhat worked!

I have since been told that using bleach on synthetic fabrics such as polyester will not work, so I am wondering if this might be the case here...!

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